Oursainsburys.co.uk is specially designed for the employees of Sainsburys to manage the paystubs online. Oursainsburys previously mysainsburys contains all the work-related information of the employees viz the working hours of the employee, overnight shifts, bonus gained and the payments that the employee has received.
The main purpose of oursainsburys/mysainsburys portal is to serve the employees by providing them with the information that is necessary for them to know. By logging in to oursainsburys the employee can easily avail the information regarding his schedule, the hours that he had worked and the perks that he has received. Oursainsburys is hassle-free to use and just takes few simple steps to log in.

How to login in to Oursainsburys/Mysainsburys?

  • You should know your National insurance number
  • And keep your employee number ready with you. 
  • Remember your username is firstname.surname.last4digitsofemployeenumber@mysainsburys.co.uk (eg:john.miller.3456@mysainsburys.co.uk).
  • Now your password is same as your national insurance number with the first letter as a capital.
  • Click here to sign in to your Oursainsburys.co.uk account. If you log in for the first time then it will ask you to change your password immediately.
  • It is your manager's responsibility to register you as a valid employee, otherwise you can not login to oursainsburys.co.uk.

Are you aware of Sainsburys employee benefits?

Here we have provided you with the list of Sainsburys employee benefits  which you need to know:

  • Discount Card:After completing 6 months of your service, you are eligible for colleague discount card which lets you avail ten percent discount on your purchases at any of Sainsburys stores. You can also choose a second user for making use of this card
  • Extra colleague benefits programme:Sainsburys provides a great range of discounts for you and your family members on services like your gym membership, restaurant and your places of interest.
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